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Facts About us

A few fun facts about Utility Warehouse

100000LED Light Bulbs Fitted
6Services Provided
28Which Awards

Saving Money

We are not your standard utility company, far from it. In fact we are a Discount Club and we aim to help our members save money each month and not just with our great savings on your utility bills. You can get money off of your bills each month just by doing your shopping with our generous Cashback Card. We will also come round to your house and replace all of your lightbulbs (for free) with the latest premium LED Bulbs, lowering your electric bill. If these aren't enough savings for you, we will also give you a Gourmet Card that can save you up to 50% off when you eat out, up to 40% off of cinema tickets and big discounts on family days out.

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If you've decided to join and become a member or just need some more information?
​ Call me on 07958 459725 or email me jason@jg100.co.uk

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For more information or to book an appointment,
give me a call or send a message.


Kingston, Surrey

Cell Phone

07958 459725




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